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What did Daniel 7’s 4th beast look like?

Daniel 7 presents a prophecy that speaks of 4 carnivorous beasts that rise from the waters. The first looks like a lion, though not just any lion, for it has wings as well. The second beast is described as a bear, with three ribs in its mouth. The third is a four headed leopard with multiple wings, similar to what the lion had. The fourth beast is not depicted as any animal we are familiar with. It is therefore sometimes referred to as a nondescript beast. So what did it look like?

Daniel 7 does give a partial description of parts of this ferocious beast. We would love to see what your interpretation of the beast looks like. Email us a drawing, a picture, a sketch or any other way you choose to depict your impression of this 4th beast of Daniel 7 and you can win your very own Image of the Future figurine. We look forward to see what you think the beast looked like!