Presale Special Offers

The Image of the Future figurine will be available on presale to bulk buyers soon. The presale will run for a limited time during which the figurine can be purchased at a reduced price ranging from as low as $25 each for 100 units, to $40 each for 10, and various options in between.

Each presale kit not only contains the figurines at a greatly discounted prices, a set of high resolution images of the full Image of the Future figurine and each of its constituent parts as divided in the Daniel 2 prophecy, but also a 32 page booklet explaining the prophecy and its interpretation.

Presale buyers will also get exclusive presale access to later projects such as the Daniel 7 Carnivorous Kingdom set, the Revelation 12 First Woman on the Moon set and the Revelation 13 Beasts of the Apocalypse set which will be coming to the market in the future.

These are never-to-be-repeated special offers on the Image of the Future figurine, so do not miss this opportunity to get your hands on ten… or hundred!