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Welcome to LearnProphecy.com. We include a variety of articles on events and issues that will occur at some point in the future. 

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Christians often disagree on prophecy and end times events. We will attempt to be fair in our treatment of the many different views. We are literal in our interpretation of prophecies and tend to be pre-wrath or post-trib.

When is the Rapture going to occur? Is there a future and Eternal Hell that the unsaved will experience? Our approach to interpreting prophecy is literal. We generally take either a Prewrath or a Post-Trib view of the rapture (depending upon the author).

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Dr. David G. Winfrey Changes Position

After our earlier post, Dr. David G. Winfrey emailed me regarding his previous statement and the position he now holds regarding the timing of the rapture. He wrote,

I no longer hold the view depicted in the play I wrote years ago- THE DOOMSDAY STAR. The rapture of the church and the advent of the ANTICHRIST are not concurrent events.  In fact, some will not even consider me to be a pretribber. I have rejected many of the so-called “proof texts” presented by the majority of pretribulationists. In fact, I am sure that there are more passages that we agree upon than those we disagree upon.

Our only issue with Dr. Winfrey concerned his conclusion about Revelation 3:10. Now that he no longer stands by his previous statement, we see no reason to speak of him in this connection.

Charles Cooper

I encourage you to visit the original post and author's website by clicking here:
Prewrath Resource Institute on 1 June 2012

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