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Dr. David G. Winfrey – An Unsubstantiated Declaration!

Dr. David G. Winfrey

In the 1982 Grace Theological Journal article, “The Great Tribulation: Kept ‘Out Of’ Or ‘Through’?”, Dr. David G. Winfrey insists that “If there is a ‘proof text’ for the pretribulational position, it is Rev 3:10.”[1] What is a “proof text”? It is a scriptural passage given as proof for a doctrine or principle. Now please carefully listen again to Winfrey’s own words: “If there is a ‘proof text’ for the pretribulational position, it is Rev 3:10.” Well, then, if that be so, the converse must also be true, i.e., if Rev. 3:10 is not a proof text, then the pretribulational rapture position cannot appeal to any biblical text whatsoever for proof of pretribulationism. Additionally, Winfrey adds,

 Although several of the texts used to support the pretribulational view have been abandoned by pretribulationists, Rev 3:10 has remained the primary defense of the position.[2]

“Proof text” and “primary defense” are the strongest terms one can possibly employ to declare the importance and usefulness of Revelation 3:10 for the pretrib position. With such assertive claims, one would think that an ironclad case could easily be made to support Winfrey’s confident assertion. Yet, the reality of the matter is just the opposite. The only way one can make a case for a pretrib rapture based on Revelation 3:10 is to make unproven assumptions that are  founded upon shallow exegesis that modifies the verse and forces it to serve a purpose that God never intended.

Winfrey and others who resort to words like “proof text” and “primary defense”, with regard to Revelation 3:10 have unknowingly doomed the pretrib position. It is likely only a matter of time before millions will abandon it, because the position does not have one (and I do mean not a single, solitary one) explicit passage of Scripture to support it. Every passage once touted as proof of the position has fallen victim to sound biblical exegesis.

In an upcoming booklet from the PreWrath Resource Institute, we will expose the history of the interpretation of Revelation 3:10. This is a part of Operation Expose the Truth. Please patiently await this revealing and critical booklet. Make plans now to purchase copies – as many as you can – and give them to as many pretribbers as you know. Just ask them to read it. No arguing. No debating. No recriminations. No attempt to embarrass or shame them. Just ask them to read it. The truth will do the rest if people truly look for it! The booklet is coming SOON!

[1] David G. Winfrey, “The Great Tribulation: Kept ‘Out Of” Or ‘Through’?”, GTJ 3 (Spring 1982), 5.

[2] Ibid. page 4.

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